Friday, June 19, 2009

The PJB Stands With Diane

Workers United Local 2347, Niagara's Hospitality Workers' Union, has launched a campaign profiling the destructive impact of the nasty, inter-union war between Unite Here and Workers United.

Diane, a housekeeper at the Holiday Inn in St. Catharines, Ontario, sought to organize workers at the Holiday Inn. After contacting the union and signing up her co-workers, she was mysteriously fired despite 5 years of clean employment with the hotel. Diane's dismissal was brought before the Labor Board, and she was eventually reinstated pending a full hearing of the charges. Now Diane's back to work, but the harrassment, isolation, and intimidation continues. Despite all that, Diane continued to stand up to her Employer and move forward with her campaign to organize the hotel, and eventually won her union.

Now, because of competing claims of representation and efforts by Unite Here to stop recognition of Diane's union and stall bargaining, the Employer has avoided negotiations with the union for the first contract with the hotel.

The Philadelphia Joint Board stands with Diane and Workers United Local 2347 and their struggle to organize the Holiday Inn. Will you?